Jim Fitzgerald :: guitar, lead vocals
Ben Eriksen :: drums, vocals
Will Becchina :: bass, vocals

Reactive dark thematic music with an ear toward accessibility, Devia picks up on the lineage of conceptual rock layed out by David Bowie, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, The Cure, and on it goes...  Devia builds a wall-of-sound with the simplest of all tools: big vocals upon a solid foundation of guitar, bass and drums...  a power trio looking to rock themselves and share the music and the feeling with anyone and everyone who still has a heart beating out there in the world...  Devia is about searching... within and without...  and how that might or might not satisfy...  Melodies and lyrics run the gamut of emotions...  placed in the context of true independent rock...

Devia is from Long Island, NY and has been together since early 2002. Devia released their 3-song promotional single Mood. Rhythm. Power. in February 2003, an entirely homespun production featuring their trademark sound on Maria, Same As Yesterday, and When I’m Gone…pick up the free CD here… A 6 song E.P. is due out by October 2003 featuring live-set highlights Life, Those Days, and Seconds… Devia has been performing live in Long Island and NYC venues [Stephen Talkhouse, Munchaba Lounge, The Downtown, Acme Underground] and getting airplay on local radio stations WUSB 90.1FM, WCWP 88.1FM and WGBB 1240AM. Their sound has been likened to acts such as Lifehouse, Radiohead, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley and Queens of the Stone Age with impressions of post-punk England and early-underground American acts. Devia’s live performance is riveting and absorbing, and reeks of sincerity in both music and lyric.

Jim Fitzgerald [guitar, lead vocals] fueled by fundamental truth in music, visual arts, good people and other cool bands… channels existential tendencies and post-punk sensitivities writing tunes and playing Devia music… his love and need… enjoys ridiculous comedy, dark films, a plethora of any music that’s real… and watching the water flow… Goal: To become famous enough to be assassinated
Ben Eriksen [drums, vocals] inspired by simplicity and the energies of pure, unadulterated motivation. Brought up by a family of musicians and hopelessly thrown behind the drumkit and into the 1980’s LI/NYC hardcore punk scene at an early age...only to be rescued from mental whitebread by the truth and integrity of reality TV programing.

Will Becchina
[bass, vocals] Growing up in Cali and moved East as a young kid, Will is a New York Surfer who is into rational thought and reckless recreation. His CD’s random mode is just as likey to produce Mozart or Debussey, as it is The Specials, Tool or Depeche Mode.